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Momfamers Resolutions/Goals for 2019

We wanted to start out 2019 on the right foot by making some goals for ourselves. Lisa decided to split up her goals by quarter while Erin split hers up by category. Either way, we are both hoping this is a positive and productive year for both Momfaming and for ourselves!


Instead of writing out resolutions for the year I thought (for me) to narrow it by quarter. I don’t do super well with full year goals so I am hoping by narrowing it down everything will get done. Here’s to 2019!

Quarter One (January, February, and March):
Prep for baby #2 in ALL ways possible

This is a big one right now. There is so much to do and not that much time to get it all done.

  1. Finish nursery (ahhhhhh)
  2. Go through Ben’s old clothes to see what I can use and wash those along with all new clothes.
  3. Go through and see what we still need.
  4. Prep at least a weeks worth of meals for when baby is here.
  5. Pack hospital bag.
My husband did the painting, floors and molding! Time to put it all together now! You can’t tell from the pic, but the one wall is pink and the others are gray.

Quarter Two (April, May, and June):
Make a family budget (and stick to it)

Adam got a new job last year and we cut a few things from our expenses. That helped, but now we are about to have TWO in daycare. We need to look at other ways to stay on a budget.

  1. Cut not needed items.
  2. Get a finance planner. Decide how much money should go into each category for every month (grocery, entertainment, etc.)
  3. Don’t take kids shopping with me. Ben talks (both) of us into a toy of some sort when we are out.
  4. Look for a good used car.

Quarter Three (July, August, and September):
Get body back in shape

I am allowing myself until quarter three to not worry about getting back in shape. I am hoping with breastfeeding that going into the third quarter I will be down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Quarter Four (October, November, and December):
Organize my life

There are a lot of things that I try to do and WANT to do, but my life is not organized in a way that allows me to. Here are a few things I want to make sure I start doing.

  1. Keep a family calendar. This way Adam will see when all appointments, playdates, dinners, etc. are.
  2. Keep a journal schedule. I write to both my kids and keep two journals of my own. Need to plan a day for each.
  3. Write down a monthly date night and keep to it.
  4. Each month have one day where I spend solo time with each kid.
  5. Make time for myself (whether with a friend getting a manicure or by myself reading).
Got us a ‘week’ calendar to write down appointments and dinners. Put it in a spot my husband wouldn’t miss!


If I’m honest 2018 sucked for me. That’s hard to say since it was the first full year that Ryan was alive, but everything that didn’t have to do with him basically sucked. Because of that, I thought I should write out some resolutions to help me take control to (hopefully) make 2019 better!

I split my list into 4 categories and made specific goals for each. Each one is a running list that I will add things to or delete things from whenever I feel it’s necessary. Here are my goals for 2019:


  1. Host friends and family more often — I love having people over and am always so happy after we do it, but we just don’t do it often enough.
  2. Say yes to more invitations — Again, I love hanging out with people but am always worried it will interrupt Ryan’s schedule. I want to be more flexible and just say yes without worrying!
  3. Have a date night once a month — Even if it’s just watching a movie after Ryan goes to sleep, we need to make more time for our relationship.
Time to say yes to more and fill this planner up with fun things to do!


  1. Use the elliptical or treadmill at least 3 times a week — I always feel better after I work out and I need to get back to doing it!
  2. Make dinner at least 5 times a week — This will not only help me to lose weight but it will also help us save money if we’re not eating out as much.
  3. Spend less money at the grocery store — I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t go to the grocery store without spending at least $100 (please let me know your saving secrets!)


  1. Sign up for a class with Ryan (Mommy & Me, Swimming, etc.) — I said I was going to do this last year but I never really did.
  2. Put my phone away during dinner and use it less while Ryan is awake — I don’t want him to think it’s normal to always have a phone in front of your face so I have to make sure that it’s not what he always sees.
  3. Take more pictures — Last year my parents bought me an amazing camera and I definitely haven’t used it enough!
How’s my form? I definitely need to get some practice and use this more!


  1. Volunteer more with the Down Syndrome Guild — I joined the board last year but I’d like to be more active and do more with them this year.
  2. Be more positive — I am definitely a half-glass empty girl but I’d like to try to move away from that for my own sanity and so that Ryan doesn’t hear a bunch of unnecessary negativity.
  3. Write more — I have always loved writing. I’m not sure what I want to write more of (besides blogs) but hopefully I’ll figure that out!

Like I said these lists may change throughout the year as my life changes but I am going to try to accomplish at least these 12 things. Here’s to a better 2019!

What are your resolutions? Comment and let us know…maybe we’ll add them to our lists!

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  1. Awesome ladies! Good luck on all the resolutions!!!
    Erin- I wish I knew how to spend less at the grocery store too! 😉


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