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Five Things That Changed Once I Became a Mother

We all know that changes happen when kids come into the picture. Changes in relationships, changes with how you run your life, changes in your body. Changes.

Since having Ben, and now baby two on the way, I’ve changed in weird ways that I never thought would happen. Some are things I never thought I would do and some are obvious changes to most, but not to me.

What are some of the weird ways you’ve changed since having kids?


How do you travel when they are just babies?!

I use to be an OK flier. I mean, I never LOVED it, but I did it. The first flight that I had scheduled after my son was born was to go visit my nephew (brand new) in California. When I bought the ticket I was SO excited. It was going to be a long weekend away visiting family by myself. It was going to be good for me.

Cue the morning of the flight. I popped a couple of Xanax thinking that will calm the mood that I was currently having. My husband bid me farewell and my parents came to watch my son. My dad was taking my bags to the car.

I sat in the middle of my living room and DID NOT MOVE. I couldn’t do it. I could not go on that flight. The only thing my mind could think about was if anything happened to me, Ben would never remember me (crazy, right?).

It was rough having to tell my brother that I just couldn’t do it. That I just could not get myself on the plane, but I did not regret my choice. Having a child does weird things to you, and this was one of them.


Oh, man did I love shopping. I loved going to the mall, to target and even to the grocery store. I took my time.

Now, there is a sense of urgency that comes along with shopping and an ‘almost’ potty trained toddler. Before I could never imagine getting in and out of a grocery store in ten minutes (I was a browser), but now I make it in record time.

There is just something about being at a meat counter waiting to get your food and your toddler running away from you with his transformer toy (thinking he’s HILARIOUS) that makes you want to get in and out.

My favorite things are now Amazon’s two day shipping and Kroger Click List. Two must have for moms!

A Greater Appreciation for my Mother (and mothers in general)

This goes without saying. You cannot fully appreciate your mother until you have gone

My mother (and father) created this.

through what she’s gone through. Times change, but motherhood really doesn’t. We more or less have the same struggles, challenges and joys that our mothers did.

My mother had three children. I am pregnant with my second and feeling like I’m drowning. Kudos to her.

Gag Reflex

I remember being told that this would go away once I had kids. I didn’t believe it. I HATED vomit and poop and having to deal with any that.

Let’s be clear, I still do. When you are potty training a child that fear goes out the window. Just the other day, at five months pregnant, I had to clean up pee and poop from my sons floor since he just decided to go (claims it was an accident… sure, kid).

From day one you have to be comfortable with the ‘gross’ stuff. Birthing a child isn’t some gorgeous moment. Is it a beautiful moment? Yes, it is. Is it a clean moment? NOPE.

My Mom Tribe

The mom tribe kids ❤

Not gonna lie. I thought this was kinda funny when I first heard the term. I most likely mom-shamed those of you that said it. Once I had Ben I quickly realized how quick I was to call/text my friend Cindy who had a baby five months prior.

Three years later and I am still leaning on my mom tribe with questions and, honestly, an ear to vent. I am not sure what I would do without all of them.


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