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Finding out the Gender of Baby #2

One can never predict whether or not your emotions will go crazy when you sit in that ultrasound room as you wait for the tech to give you the money shot.

Her first profile pic 🙂

We have a boy at home so in my mind I was always going to have another boy. A girl was straight up out of the question. I have four nieces (with a fifth on the way) and only one nephew. We were due more boys, right? I was always going to be a #boymom.

Well, my husband and I were quickly surprised when we were asked to guess the gender at our appointment. When we had Ben we knew it was a boy from the ultrasound. When the tech asked us to guess, Adam immediately said girl. He was right.

Man, to be there in that moment. Of course, I cried. I guess I was secretly holding out some hope to have a girl. Not because I don’t love raising boys. I do. Ben is my world. I just wanted us to be able to experience both the boy and girl. I wanted Ben to be the big over protective brother that will always have his sisters back. I wanted him to be my special little boy forever.

I wanted to buy some girl clothes.

There are a lot of emotions right now. Joy overtakes everything.

We had so much fun telling Ben. His reaction is priceless and I cannot wait to watch him become the best big brother. His reaction video is below.



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