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Mom of Fame – Genny

Our favorite part about our Mom of Fame Interviews is sharing experiences of all different kinds of moms. This is why when we “met” Genny we were excited to share her unique experiences. She is originally from Columbia, has two teenage children and one toddler, and has gone through a difficult divorce. Her perspective of motherhood has been redefined by each of these things.

Please help us welcome another amazing mom into our Mom of Fame and check out her blog at the link below! Thanks for participating, Genny!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

My name is Genny Gall. I am a Latina girl born in Colombia and living in CA. Dear wife of an adorable husband and father who unconditionally supports his family. I am a mother of three, a beautiful little girl who loves to explore the world, a boy who loves sports and an oldest daughter who follows my steps in art. I have a passion for style, creativity and a deep love for photography which all led me to create my blog in 2016: What’s up dearie. [It is a] blog related to Reviews, Photography, Beauty, Art, DIY and a little about life with style.

What is the best piece of advice you were given about motherhood? Did you take it? Would you give that piece of advice to someone else?

My mom always told me that the sooner I release my mind, and accept that things will not be the same, I can take things as they are with less anguish and things will flow. And it’s the same thought that I might deliver as advice to anyone. An example I have: I wanted to breastfeed a lot and for an extended period, but this was not my case, and that does not banish me from having achieved it or make me look like I am not a good mother. Not all of us have the same capacity.

How is motherhood different than you imagined it would be?

I imagined motherhood as many women do, that it might seem rosy, and with children who seem to be little angels all the time. It is easy to create an idealized image of motherhood. But each woman lives motherhood in a different, distinctive and unique way. For me, real motherhood is full of good and bad moments; of hugs and laughter but also of diapers and screams of explosive children, even teens. I always just put all my efforts and take things slowly and calmly. Like the old proverb says, “let it be”, while being flexible and strict at the same time.


What are your three strengths when it comes to motherhood?

Being a mother is an adventure. It is a journey to the incredible and a mix of emotions that even words can’t describe. It’s learning something new every day, so I am delighted in being stronger, patient and competitive.

Describe a time where you were completely overwhelmed as a mother.

I felt quite overwhelmed when I separated from my ex-husband. It was a difficult time in which I did not know if I had made the best choice in my life or for my children because I was living a chaotic life then. The help of my parents was crucial, and this does not mean that I did not take care of my obligations as a mother, but the support of them helped me understand and overcome that stage. [I realized that] no matter how old you are, the parents will always be there. This state is one that I prefer not to recall because it’s [in the] past, and I do not like to live in the past. Now I have a new life, a husband that supports me and loves me no matter what. And the best of all, my husband and I don’t like drama at all.

Is there anything you feel that you have lost about yourself since becoming a mother? What have you gained?

To live as a mother to me is to give everything, it has sacrifices without a doubt, but it earns more than it loses. I think I have not lost anything; on the contrary, it has made me a better person, more patient, affectionate, responsible and kind.

The only thing I could say, as a mother, is you have [to be able to] go to the bathroom with child supervision, because it is impossible to go to the bathroom alone.

What do you want your child(ren) to learn from you?

Responsibility and respect.


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