Mom of Fame

Mom of Fame – Amanda D.


When we started this blog we just wanted to try to stop the shame and bring the fame back into motherhood. We know, from experience, that being a mom is the hardest job there is and we wanted to honor the moms out there that do it every day. We have been having so much fun getting to know different types of moms and hearing their differing answers to the same questions. What we didn’t realize when we started, is that we would be able to “meet” other moms trying to do the same thing. Amanda has her own blog called This Growing Home. We have read her blog and encourage you to do the same. Although we feel like we know her after reading her blog and chatting with her for a bit, she will probably do a better job of introducing herself:

Hi Friends! I’m Amanda, the author for the blog, This Growing Home. I’m the proud mama of a five year old boy, one year old boy, and a soon to arrive (7/26/18) boy. That’s right, three boys! 

Our days are filled with wrestling matches, dinosaurs, and lot’s of coffee (for mommy!). On super special days (when mommy decides to put on make up and dress like an adult), we like spending time at parks, zoos, and splash pads! Otherwise we hang out in the back yard or watch Netflix (Dinotrux and Rescue Bots for the win!)

I’ve been a SAHM for five years, and love spending time with my boys! My blog, This Growing Home, was started as a way to connect and find community with other mamas. It’s a place where I write about real life mama things like parenting, money saving, DIY, and anything mom related. I am all about encouragement, support, and real life motherhood.

Welcome to our Mom of Fame, Amanda!


What is the best piece of advice you were given about motherhood? Did you take it? Would you give that piece of advice to someone else?

I totally believe that there’s no perfect way to parent. I have gotten a ton of advice through my five year mama journey, and I’m so appreciative of all the other mamas who have invested in me! Some things worked for me, but others weren’t quite right for my mommy style. 

The one thing I would definitely tell other mamas is, do what works for you. You and your little one(s) are unique, so don’t force yourself into someone else’s successes or compare your journey to another. 

How is motherhood different than you imagined it would be?

I don’t think anyone has a real clear or accurate picture of what motherhood is until they’ve experienced it themselves. And even then, every mom’s experience is different. I think most of us probably imagined all the love and joy of motherhood without realizing there are also dark moments of loneliness, frustration, and exhaustion. But, those tough days that end with a long ugly mom cry (you know the ones), make the good moments more meaningful. 


What are your three strengths when it comes to motherhood?

Let me just start by saying that I’m definitely not stronger than any other mama out there. Motherhood is tough stuff and not for the feint of heart!

Honestly, I consider myself successful if I’m able to love my children more than myself.

I think every mother views strengths differently. One might say her strength is being able to follow a killer schedule, while another considers her strength to be that she is flexible and doesn’t stick to a rigid schedule. And both are right, because it’s all about what works for you. 

Honestly, I consider myself successful if I’m able to love my children more than myself, teach them through my own example, and provide a safe environment for them to learn and grow. Those are the strengths I try to develop in my mama journey. 

Describe a time where you were completely overwhelmed as a mother.

If I’m being honest, it’s a daily occurrence! Every day has it’s own struggles that I am learning to overcome. 

Every time I faced something new (bringing baby home from the hospital, learning how to do everything with one arm while holding a baby in the other, explaining right from wrong to a two year old, adding another baby to the mix) I felt so overwhelmed I wasn’t sure I’d be able to survive it. But, eventually you figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to adapt to the new changes. 

Motherhood is all about overcoming overwhelm, but none of us are perfect at it, especially when we try to do it alone. In fact, that’s a big reason why I started my blog. I was so exhausted from trying to do everything on my own and was desperately seeking a community of other mamas to share my burdens and journey with. I wanted other mamas to know that they aren’t alone and that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times. Those feelings don’t make us bad moms or failures, and there are others feeling and facing the same things. 


Is there anything you feel that you have lost about yourself since becoming a mother? What have you gained?

I have definitely lost parts of myself since joining the mom club: being able to sneeze without peeing, my perfect record for never being late, long showers spent on relaxation and reflection, or never second guessing that whatever entered my stomach might come back with a firey vengeance (thank you heartburn). 

On a more serious note, I think all mamas feel a sense of loss of the person they once were. Motherhood is about purging the selfishness from ourselves and directing every ounce of strength toward our children’s needs. That doesn’t mean completely giving up the things we loved and enjoyed before baby, but it’s re-prioritizing and letting go of those things that aren’t as important or distract us from our new happiness. 

When you direct your attention away from yourself, you begin to see the world differently.

As much as we might lose, though, there is so much that can be gained! When you
direct your attention away from yourself, you begin to see the world differently. You’re not as critical of your imperfetions, or as judgemental of someone else’s. You start appreciating the small blessing’s in life like four uninterupted hours of sleep, not having to cook your own food, or being able to use the restroom alone. 

The most valuable thing I’ve gained though, is confidence in myself. As a shy introverted person, I spent a lot of energy worrying about what other people thought and how I could meet their approval. As a mom, I realized it was impossible to be everything for everyone. Instead, I focused on what was best for my little one, and trusted myself.

What do you want your child(ren) to learn from you?

Hopefully they learn all the wisdom and knowledge I have to offer, without picking up any of my bad habits or characteristics. A mama can dream right?!

What has been your favorite/funniest ‘boy mom’ moment?

I think the most beautiful aspect of motherhood is that there isn’t just one moment. It’s a lifetime of memories that fill our hearts. Recently, I remember my oldest son comforting the baby in my belly as we waited to board an elevator, rubbing my stomach and saying “It’ll be alright baby, it’s not scary.” Or my one year old son trying to blow dandelion seeds, but only managing a raspberry noise and spit bubbles. There was also a time when my oldest was so impressed by something that he said, “It just totally blew my brain out!” I responded with, “Oh my, what should we do about that?” And he answered, “I guess we will just have to catch it, and shove it back in!!” It’s impossible to pick a single example, because there are too many “favorite” moments for us to choose from.

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