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Five (free) Ways to Get Out of the House with a Toddler (and save your sanity!)

Looking for creative (and free) ways to get out of the house with a toddler? In this blog I share the ways I do that with my two year old boy.


Entertaining a toddler can be an incredibly stressful ordeal; or, it can be a lot of fun.

I, as a mother, can not sit still. If we have time to kill, and we’ve already spent some time at home, I am all for coming up with something to do outside of the home. A lot of moms are crafty and set up super cool activities at home. I am not that person. I can think of creative things we can do outside the home, though.

I am not a cheap person, but I know that we can’t do expensive outings all the time. We do have a zoo membership and use that a good amount, and I would for sure recommend getting one of those if you live close. These are some of my ‘free’ activities I do with my son.

‘Charlie’ Walks (or just walks for normal people)

Charlie is our dog. He is home all day when we are at work and school so we like to get him out of the house as soon as we get home. We will do this one every single day without fail. The only time we won’t is if it is down pouring. When I pick up Ben from school one of the first things he will ask me in the car is ‘charlie walk’?

These are just ‘walks’ for those of you without a pet. We will go on adventures during these walks (we have pretended to go fishing, we pretended that our walk was a race track, we look for animals, etc.). Ben and Charlie (and me!) love these. It’s a good way to get a little exercise and explore our surroundings.



I say shopping very loosely. It’s not really shopping. It’s us going to cool stores (Target being one of them, because, Target) and walking (running) around.

When it rains we love to go to Petco. There are cats, dogs, fish and other random animals that we can go and visit. It’s one of our favorites. We also go to strip malls when it’s raining so that Ben can run under the canopies and get some of that two year old energy out.


Play dates

These are the best. The absolute best. Not only does Ben get to play with someone (even if they are babies – or dogs), but mama gets to chill with her friends, too. I love that most of our friends have kids and these kinds of things can happen more regularly.

We have a lot of friends that live close by so it’s easy to send a quick text to see if they are available. Play dates are my favorite.


Outdoor work

I PROMISE that we do not overwork our little two year old boy. BUT it’s fun to get out of the house and do things that need to be done. He loves water and using the hose so we will wash my car (ends up dirtier than it was, but oh well). He helps pick up around the yard, takes things to the curb, get the mail and countless other things. He even has his own mower and ‘helps’ mow the lawn.

Again, this is just outside our house, but we make it an adventure. Our latest outdoor adventures are all about dinosaurs and fishing. It’s pretty darn cute.


Give me ALL the parks

This is a given, right? Everyone does this all the time, I assume. Metro Detroit has some amazing parks and they are FREE! We are close to a school and will walk there at least once or twice a week to play. We also have countless other parks around the area.

I love the walk. Ben loves the playground. It’s a win win.


I know I shouldn’t feel the way I do but, as a working mom, I feel like I have to do something exciting/fun/creative/special with Ben every moment that I can. I enjoy it. It lets out a lot of toddler energy and it allows us to have some really special moments together.

What are some of your ways to get your toddler out of the house?


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