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Our Letter to You, The Moms


Dear Moms,

Today we celebrate you. We celebrate the:

Moms who have one
Moms who have multiples
Moms who’ve lost
Moms that can’t get out of bed
Moms that get up and go to work
Moms that stay at home
Moms that do it alone
Moms far away and near
Moms that want to stay home
Moms that want to go to work
Moms that have children all the way grown
Moms that have a brand new bundle
Moms that are dealing with hardships
Moms that had c-sections
Moms that had natural births
Moms that got the epidural
Moms with a blended family
Moms that have adopted

This list could go on forever. Any and all moms. Thank you for being you.

Today (and everyday) we celebrate your triumphs, we cheer on your goals, we cry your tears, we morn your loss and we relish in your joy.

From the two of us – Happy Mother’s Day ❤


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